WDW with someone who is visually impaired

Just curious if anyone has traveled to WDW with someone who is visually impaired and if you have any advice or tips that you might find helpful.

We have called guest services and spoken to WDW about the disability pass. We’ll be there 5/21-5/28. My brother in law, who is blind, will be joining us from 5/21 - 5/24. He’s in his mid 30’s, super active.

If anyone has anything they can think of, my wife and I, would be appreciative.

Thanks in advance!

These might be helpful:



This was great. Thank you!

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That link looks like a great comprehensive resource but some of it might be a bit outdated. They don’t have the Guest Assistance Card anymore.

I think it was fairly outdated but the general perspective was good to hear. I’m not sure my brother in law would be interested in the Braille maps or audio things but it’s good to know it’s there.