WDW with Girl Scout troop? YES?

Does anyone have experience with Girl Scout trips to WDW or the Youth Education Series? My daughter’s small troop (6 girls) is considering a a trip in 18-24 months and of course I volunteered to research! If anyone knows of trip reports, etc. for this type of trip I would be very interested in reading them. Thanks!

Are you going to camp at Fort Wilderness?

2 girls from our troop are going this June with a larger group from the council. I will try to report back on how they enjoyed it. It sounds like a great deal, but we already had a family trip planned for April.

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By the time we factor in van rental & extra time off work we don’t save much by driving (we’re in the upper Midwest). We’d probably fly, so we wouldn’t be able to bring camping equipment. But that would be a good way to stay onsite & save a little. My family would camp the couple times we went as kids, good memories :slight_smile:

My hairdresser flew and sent her tent by UPS to FW.

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