WDW Where to stay?

Long questions…sorry, planning my first big Disney trip in years and want it to be so special! In October 2016 we are taking a 5 night trip to WDW. Me, my husband, our two boys 11 and 9, our daughters will be 1 and 2 at the time. Also coming are my parents and my 3 year old niece! My in-laws live 45 min away from Disney so will also visit us and maybe watch the kids some:)

I’ve priced out 2 rooms at POR, 2 cabins at Fort Wilderness (stayed there last time), and DVC points for 2 bedroom villas at AKL and Boardwalk. What would you choose? Originally I was thinking AKL since I haven’t been there but I fear it is too far away to easily go back for naps or for some people to head back out after the little girls are in bed. So I am torn!!!

Will you be spending most of your time in EP and HS? If yes, I would maybe think about BW ( how will the kids feel about the scary clown pool?). It is 15 minutes by bus from MK to AKL. It is 5 minutes from AK to AKL. Great buses and honestly since you do not have to leave one resort and then go to another- like BW/swolphin- the buses are quicker.

AKL!!! Other than the convenience of the mono loop to MK, ALK is no further removed time-wise than the other resorts you have mentioned. I would say that FW would be WAY more inconvenient. AKL is amazing; I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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I’ll throw another resort into the mix - how about a 2BR Villa at VWL? Beautifully themed resort, and a convenient ferry ride to MK. Plus you can see the Electric Water Pageant, WDW’s oldest existing parade.

We are renting points for the first time in April, and I think it’s a great deal. The rooms are so nice looking, and then you can all stay together. That’s what I would go with. We are doing AKL but BW or VWL would also be wonderful. You can’t go wrong! Each has something that makes is special and amazing.

We’re planning at least 2 full days at Magic Kingdom with the girls. We’ll split for a day and the boys are going to Harry Potter World. I think we’re skipping HS this trip. But my parents and I love WS at Epcot. We are doing one day at AK. I was set on AKL but now I’m thinking some of us could sneak back out at night and hit up Epcot if it was close. But AKL looks amazing! Tough choice. :smile:

I think AKL is awesome - however it is really only worth it if you get a Savanna view. I Think any of the Boardwalk area resorts are very nice - you do get stormalong bay if you stay at Beach or Yaught. We have very much enjoyed Wilderness Lodge as well. IF you are going to Universal as well and have a car - you MAY consider Swan / Dolphin. No the theaming isn’t as good as disney - but the location is great and it is substantially less expensive. My biggest thing with resorts is - how will it make me feel at the end of the day? I love going to WDW - but I like staying at a resort where I feel relaxed and pampered a bit - so any of the deluxe does the trick. If you are doing MK - I would highly recommend Wilderness Lodge though.

Only worth a savanna view?

Standard view- TP room request!


Is that a standard view?
All I meant was - if you are staying at AKL - it is only worth it if you can see the animals (IMHO). You are there to see animals - to have a view of a parking lot - doesn’t really cut it. I am sure there are some rooms that are not labeled as “Savannah” but that you can see animals - so that is cool.

Yes! Standard view- 4218- isn’t the touring plans room request amazing!