WDW week fo the 12/11 - WHAT to wear

Planning a trip for family (2 adults and a 5 year old) we are from Texas so we know how weather can be! lol

the plans say weather should be between 53 - 67, so I am trying to determine… short sleeves or long sleeves (and push them up). I am planning to make us some cute shirts, so kind of need to know ahead of time. any ideas??

Short sleeves with a hoodie or light weight jacket

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I would expect the weather will actually be 70-80 in the middle of the day. I would also go with short sleeves and a hoodie or jacket.

In a word, layers. On one winter trip I literally saw 78 and 45 in a 24 hour period. For that time of year I would “plan on” shorts and t-shirts, but also have jeans and hoodies available, and mix and match daily, based on the local weather forecast for the day.

I agree! Layers are key in “winter” months. You go through so many temperatures in a day we always end up using a locker in the warmer part of the day to keep our layers!