WDW Trip Countdown

When is your trip?


Interesting. I edited my original post by removing the picture to see if I could get around the 20 character limit. I then saved the edit and reworded the post and saved it. Then I reloaded the picture and saved it again. Now I can’t see the picture unless I hover my cursor over the area between my user name and the comment. @Sorcerers_Apprentice or @MouseDeprivedUntil19, can you see the picture?

No, I can’t see the picture. (And I can’t just type ‘No picture’ because of the 20 character limit. grrrr)

weird. the image shows up on mobile, but not on desktop


Was the < img src="" etc HTML auto-inserted for you, or did you copy and paste it?

For some reason, it has height=“0”, which is why it doesnt show up.

If you either delete the image and re-upload it, or just remove the entire part that says: height=“0” I bet it will work.

I think it autoinserted. When I tried to edit it to remove the phot I just deleted that. Then I left the words and saved it. Then I edited again and hit the upload button.

If I touch the creek on my phone or click on that area with my mouse on a PC, the picture pops up (like on Facebook where you can click and view the pic and then “x” out of it. I just can’T see it without doing that. I will try it again from the PC tomorrow.


Almost FPP day for you @4parks1world! Do you have your list of FPP ready to go?

U know I do! I’m like Santa checking my list and checking it twice! @Armadillo_Alert

65 staying at BLT

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No countdown and it’s killing me!

37 days and not one thing is planned. I’m going crazy!

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145 days - can’t wait!

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less than a month! woo hoo!

133 long days.

Staying at Art of Animation in a Cars suite in October. Taking my daughter and her 3 children for a surprise trip. We usually do all the princess things, but I’m trying to swing over to an 8 year old boy trip this time

55 days to go!

112 days! I’m so excited about surprising my kids! We are staying at AoA too @rellawhitesgramma in Cars Suite.

318 days for us! We are oh-so-excited!!! :smile: