WDW trip Apr 18-22 Two important questions

  1. We have hoppers on the park passes. However, this is our first trip back since “normal times”. Even though i was originally only going to purchase Genie+ for MK, I’m thinking it may be better to add it to all days. Given the fact we are their APR 8-22. Thoughts?

  2. We made our park reservations a while ago. now those same dates are closed to new reservations. Does that mean we cant change our plans and switch parks. Or will the system allow us to change?

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It all depends on how inconvenient you will find it to get up early and purchase for each day, if you find you enjoyed it on the MK day and want to have it every day.

If that is a factor, it would be worth it to add it to all days ahead of time.

For my part, I’m awake early anyway so I’m going day by day - plans to use it only 2 of 9 days