WDW to shut down construction

I’ve seen some speculation on TP about this but now we know:



Well…look at the bright side!

(And when you figure out what the bright side is, let me know.)

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I guess it’s hard to fix the Yeti while maintaining 6 feet of social distancing with the Yeti.


That’s what I figured too.

I gotchu.

Keeps Disney from bleeding park money when none is coming in. Helps with corporate strength and helps with stock price. Read: keeps Disney from keeling over or going into limp mode for a lonnng while as they cry ‘poor’. Small bonuses, but hey, you said bright side, not blinding bright.

I figured this would’ve been the case as soon as they announced the closure. It doesn’t really make a lot of fiscal sense to keep pushing the upgrades when budget, schedule, and “guest attendance offsetting cost” numbers were already accounted for. While it would’ve been great for guest experience…since when has ol’ Bobby Chapek given much care to that over the bottom line?


Ah. There you go. See! I knew there had to be a bright side!

No one will have the castle repainting in their pictures since that’s continuing!

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That’s a good one. :slight_smile:

Many things have closed around here but construction ain’t one of them. Roads are still being worked on, the high school in town was being worked on, and I saw guys all over another building going up.

Put a 9 person crew on fixing people mover at least