WDW Tickets

I know with the email yesterday and several posts today, that there has been a lot if discussion about tickets. It seems like almost everyone on here does UT or another ticket vendor. When I run the numbers it seems that buying from WDW is about $75 more for my family. But when I figure in that I can pay for those with gift cards that I bought for 5-10% off it makes them the same, if not cheaper. Am I missing something else that should make me buy from UT? TIA

I think you can get an additional discount for UT through another website’s newletter, (I forget which one), but when I’ve looked at it the savings is pretty minimal and you normally have to pay shipping which Disney doesn’t charge you. I think unless you are buying a large number of big day tickets the savings isn’t really that great. Unless it was significant i’d buy direct through Disney because you don’t have to worry about anything and it links to MDE automatically.

Mousesavers is the email with the sitelink for extra discounts.

I think it’s very much a personal choice. I like the convenience of buying through Disney, and don’t mind paying a bit more for that convenience. I might be in the minority though.


I was just able to buy a 5day park hopper for 345 which included tx no charge for shipping thru Official Ticket Center. People were nice, helpful. Customer service is an A+

I agree! We shall be in the minority together!

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UT does not charge for shipping. I saved $26 per ticket with them. Why not use your gift cards for other Disney purchases like hotel, souvenirs, food,etc? Then you can get the benefit of both discounts.

I will also join your minority club! I looked at it, and saving 60$ wasn’t a huge amount when I considered the stress of having to have it shipped (which for me, involves a mail box and having to drive across the border to pick them up), as opposed to clicking a few buttons and having them magically appear in MDE. :smile:

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With a larger family of 6 plus my parents-- getting this bit of discount is huge. I purchased my tickets from Orbitz on Thursday and have them linked today. So, getting a 5 day PH for $344 (no fees, includes tax, no s/h) plus the extra $10 back per ticket from ebates was worth it in this case. {I needed 5 tickets-- so the savings using Orbitz for this transaction, saved me $268}

My last Orbitz ticket from April 2014, I upgraded to AP; and when it was just me and dh going in October 2014, I bought the ONE ticket for him through Disney.

So, to each his own. And sometimes number of people might sway your choice.