WDW Survey Glitch

@len I have been attempting to take the WDW survey, and it has messed up 4 times now! Every time I click on one of the blue “Add a _____”, it redirects me to the top of the page, and has erased all the information I have put in so far. Ugh. I want to take the survey, but this is extremely annoying.

Oh, rats. Sorry about that. I’ll ask @david to take a look. We switched over to a new platform last week, and this might be part of it. Thanks very much for the note.

Thanks! I also wanted to bring it to your attention just in case others had the same problem, and it stopped them from completing it as well. :smile:

Thanks for mentioning this. If others experience any issues with the TouringPlans.com website or the Lines app, please email us at webmaster@touringplans.com and let us know what the issue is, as well as what you did to produce the error. That will help us improve our product.