WDW Saratoga Springs - Indoor or Outdoor Room Access

Hi all. Wife asked me a question and wants to know something I haven’t found in my research efforts, so I figured I’d ask here. Is room access at SSR indoors (hallway walkway to rooms) or outdoors (sidewalk/balcony walkway to rooms)? Also - just confirming - non-ground floors have elevator access? Thanks.

Yes. We were on the first floor and had 2 chairs on mini patio near the lake.

Hi, it’s outdoor access, sort of, in that there are corridors which aren’t closed off as in a traditional hotel. They aren’t entirely outside though as you always go in from a corridor rather than a balcony or sidewalk (except ground floor rooms where I guess you could use your patio door but this wouldn’t be your primary entrance).

All buildings, as far as I know have elevators.

Thanks so much. Believe it or not, that made sense to me :slight_smile: