WDW Room Discounts

After stumbling upon the 35% Disney+ discount at AoA for December (and getting immediately vetoed by DW), I’m looking at trip dates for 2024. But I’m really out of the loop. Is WDW back to a “pre-COVID” promotional calendar? Have there been AP discounts? Might there be discounts in May/June?

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I think right now what you’re seeing is the diminished expected attendance and Disney not getting the bookings that they want to fill the rooms. I don’t think we’re necessarily back to any kind of predictable pattern, but I would not at all be surprised to see some discounts for spring. Those used to come out around mid to late fall if I’m remembering correctly.


I have seen AP discounts but also Disney+ and Disney Visa discounts have been nice and, from what I find, plentiful. I’m not AP so I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to it.
As far as being back to pre-Covid, I think things have shifted drastically. I would look at this years discounts as a guide.

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Last year I booked my spring deal in October so that aligns.