WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing

The blog post Disney World’s Hardest Dining Reservations to Get and Often-Available Alternatives used data from the Reservation Finder.

Yes, this is the type of question we get and would want to put into a help document.

A: Depending how many slots are available, you will receive up to 3 different options. The definition of dinner is based on what Disney has defined for that specific restaurant. If you specify a time, you will be alerted only for reservations close to that time.

Will you be offering searches for Dinner Packages like for Fantasmic or the future ROL?

It is on the list. ETA is unknown.

I had read that when it first came out and just re-read it. Did you think that blog post answered one of my questions?

Hi @SteveBloom. Any update on when dessert parties will be searchable? Thanks!

Your reservation finder worked flawlessly. I now have all the ADRs that I wanted. Thank you so much!

It is not going to happen anytime soon. Even though the dessert parties have on-line reservations the system is different enough it will take development time that is not available. Sorry. :frowning:

Waaaaa! Thanks for the response.

Hi all-
Love the idea of reservation finder, especially since we just decided to do a trip in September and are passed the 180 day mark.
But, I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. I put in a number of hard to get reservations and haven’t heard anything yet, which is reasonable. But I wanted to see how it worked so I put in a time and restaurant I knew was available. When I look at my dashboard it says the last search was more than an hour ago, but I didn’t get any notifications and I know there is availability. Any thoughts on why this might be? Thanks for any insight!

Did you put in your email and phone number? Hit the save icon? It does not do a constant search so maybe it is just a little off? I have had days when I did not think it was working and then I would get the notification and ADR I wanted!

I put in both email and cell phone and hit save. I got a text message making sure I wanted to receive text messages. I put in a number of hard to get ADRs that I’m hoping for, but then also put in Boatwright’s for lunch, which I can see on the Disney site has plenty of available times, but I haven’t gotten any notifications.
Any suggestions on a way to test it to be sure I’ve set it up correctly?

E-mail webmaster@touringplans.com - they are usually quick to respond and should be able to sort you out.

Boatwrights for lunch? When did they start serving lunch again?

I think seeing those lunches may be a glitch?

Naturally I don’t see the lunch times anymore. I’ll go with what you said PrincipalTinker and it was a glitch on their part, and not that I’ve become my parents and will need to get my kids to work it out for me.
I’m going to try again, selecting dinner, and see if I get alerts.
Thanks for your input.

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So I’ve figured out that it will only find you reservations for times the restaurant is actually open. Who knew. :wink:
I’m all set now. Thanks!

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@SteveBloom I received a text and email today for a reservation and when I clicked on the link I got this error

It happened when I used the link in the text message and in my email. Someone else just posted about it on chat too.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I sent this to Len and the developers. We’ll try to figure out what is going on.

Google thinks the Disney site is spam. We are trying to figure how to straighten this out. In the meantime, you should be able to search the Disney website and find the ADR.

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