WDW Railroad

Ok… this may be a dumb question but…Is it a “RoundTrip” ride on the WDW Railroad?
I believe I read somewhere that ECVs were not permitted so since my dad will be with us and he has an ECV, I’m a bit concerned about how it will work out logistically. I know DD4 will want to ride, but I haven’t put it in my plans yet because I don’t know how it will work. Help?

You can stay on the railroad for a round trip complete circuit around the park if you like, or you can disembark at any of the stops along the way. A round trip back to where you started from takes maybe 20-ish minutes.


Its a nice and relaxing ride. I’d do it if you have time.

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It is super relaxing we always do it at the end if the day DS loves it

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