WDW railroad in TP

I am trying to put the RR in my MK touring plan for Saturday and I can only put it in as 3 separate rides and the plan keeps splitting them up. Is there a way to do the entire loop? Thanks!

Either just evaluate, or cheat!

Add the first part to you touring plan, from wherever you plan to start, and optimise to find when it places it. Then immediately after that add a break of 30-45 minutes to complete the round trip. Pick up the plan from there.

Thanks! I cant wait to ride it again!

When you add 1 ride at any station the trip time used to be round trip. Has that changed?

I dont remember anymore! It says 20 minutes, that seems too short ?

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Definitely too short.

My experience last week was it took 10 minutes+ from when the train stopped in the station to getting everyone who was disembarking off and the new passengers on. When we did the full loop we were on the train for well over half an hour, I think it was closer to 40 minutes.

It does. I guess it doesn’t take into account the time it stops at each station. I’ve always figured 30 mins. That seems about right.