WDW Prix Fixe with Kids

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At WDW prix fixe restaurants (specifically Be Our Guest), do you have to pay for all members of your party, even if they don’t order or eat anything? It looks like kids under 3 are “free” but I have 4 kids who between them will eat maybe 1 child’s worth of food and I’m struggling to book any of these restaurants because of it.

I believe so.
If it helps, just appreciate the fact that you’re only paying kids prices. Just wait until they’re ‘Disney adults’ when they’re only 10 and have to pay full price to eat like a sparrow :roll_eyes:


Yes!!! very much this.
My youngest two are now barely Disney adults (thanks canceled 2020 trips) and I am looking at $62 a head in some places for them to eat the inside of a roll! They are both particular (they eat a variety of foods at home but only how they are used to them and god forbid if there is sauce). It’s something I’m struggling with this trip. Esp for BOG as I very much wanted to go



I have one who will eat pizza if there is not too much sauce. Or too little sauce. Or too much cheese. Or too little cheese. And definitely not with any toppings.


Oh, I understand completely. :woman_facepalming:


In October, I booked a res for 3 - me, DD4, and DS1. I was under the impression that DS1 would be free based on the menu pricing, but I got charged. They did give us two full kids meals, so I didn’t complain or question, but in hindsight, I might have said to the waiter, “DS1 will just eat off one of our plates,” and then would have asked for there not to be a charge. And FWIW, the mac and cheese at BOG is a bowl too big for me to eat, so would’ve been fine for the two of them to split.

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I may be wrong but but I thought under 3s were free.


They are - I think they must have just assumed the 1-year-old was 3. Was DS1 big for his age?


I’m think it’s because they ordered a meal. They are only free if they eat off your plate.


That’s right - he was not big for his age, no. But she asked me what he was eating and I didn’t think to say, “he’ll just share.” So that’s on me. Should’ve been free.


I think the waitress is also partly responsible for that. She could have asked about DS1 differently. “How old is DS1? Should I bring an extra bowl/plate and spoon for DS1?”