WDW Plan Advice

My inital plans for our 4 days at the parks. Any advice is welcome!





Took a quick look at Day 1 (HS) and my only concern is that you may not have scheduled enough time for dinner at 50s Prime Time. I’m not sure if you will be able to get to Frozen Sing Along in time but everything else looks okay.

It is a packed day but you have a lot of shows so it may not be too tiring.

Okay, took a look at days 2 and 3. The link for day 4 is missing the initial h so it won’t work and I can’t copy and fix it easily to view on my phone.

My main concern is that you may be trying to fit too much in. You are going rope drop to close every day in the August heat. We always travel to WDW in August and the heat will take it out of you! It’s tough to cut things out of your plans but I am afraid you will burn out if you try to do everything. Maybe identify the must dos and try to take a few things out of the plans or don’t go to park closing every night? Just some thoughts.

What about coming back early from the morning break and doing Frozen at 12:30? That should then give you plenty of time for dinner.


This is a concern I’ve had. All of our DWD trips have been during spring break session, and I wondered if we’d be able to get away with the same type of schedule this time of the year.

Good idea, but the break is actually for the the Star Wars Guided Tour.

I am going to shoot for an earlier ADR for 50s…maybe around 5:30?

Day 3 - You’ve only got 45 minutes for Tusker. I believe the recommendation is 90. Maybe move exploring the Discovery Island Trails to late afternoon (before or after Satu’li). You may need to catch Nemo at 4 instead of 3. It looks like you have plenty of time before and after dinner to make that work.

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All right, got to see day 4 and I definitely think you are probably overdoing it. You don’t actually seem to have any breaks between breakfast at 9:30 and dinner. There are two snack breaks but they are each zero minutes long. And I think you have underestimated the length of time needed for dinner again.

I would strongly recommend making sure that you have at least half an hour (or more) to sit down and cool off a couple of times a day if you aren’t planning afternoon breaks. You may be able to use some of the shows for this, especially at HS. Otherwise, a nice snack break somewhere air conditioned can be a lifesaver!

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