WDW Non-DVC Resorts - no opening date set

So it seems the announcement yesterday for the opening of non DVC resorts was a mistake.

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What does any of this even mean? I’m not going - but huh?

It means the non-DVC resorts aren’t necessarily opening on July 11th.

Could be before or after then.

It’s been removed from the website and Dis et Parks Blog.

Oh, bc I just today bought my airline tickets for December, bc I felt confident that with resorts opening up in July, the worst of the bugs would be worked out.
Silly me.

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They’ll be opening at some point in July, I’m fairly sure. open in July. It’s just a matter of when. And they jumped the gun in announcing a date.

So the parks will open. But only people with DVC reservations can go?


They just haven’t set a date yet.

Remember how we didn’t know when resorts would re-open? Well we still don’t know. That’s all.

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I wonder how much this has to do with the challenge around transportation. We have always stayed onsite, used Magical Express, and heavily relied on Disney buses to get to the parks. I can’t imagine how Disney could manage safely transporting folks on buses. Maybe I’m not thinking outside the box enough…or am still just too afraid to be that close to others.

Cities all over are re-opening public transportation. Disney will just apply those standards. Whether guests are comfortable with that is another question.

There was an announcement and repeated/shared on “That Thing” show on Thursday that all DVC rooms and Wilderness campground will open June 22nd.

Yes, but initially it also said non-DVC resorts would open on July 11th.

That part was rescinded, with no date yet announced.

Thanks @Nickysyme, I guess I missed that part

Good point.