WDW looking to expand Virtual Queues to include Jungle Cruise and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Interesting casting choice. Rocks typically sink in water. That decision was taken for granite.

I’ll see myself out now. These jokes haven’t been funny since the Stone Age.

(Come on, it’s Jungle Cruise after all.)


Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

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@Tall_Paul1 dad jokes? groaners :rofl::rofl:

Exactly. We’re skipping this but will still get some of the schtick with our Skipper Canteen ADR. Would have to be a 10 min line or less, outside of rope drop or closing periods, while we happen to be passing by anyway for us to consider. Too much else to do in MK.

We would have loved a virtual queue for JC on Wednesday. Never ended up riding it due to time constraints and long lines. I don’t live the ride but wanted my friend to experience it.


I really really hope they don’t expand VQs. When I play them out, nothing good will come of it. We are just back to original FP but in a different form. This results in longer lines, and unlike when there was FP, there is no where for those people to go like shows and such. Just other lines.

It also changes the dynamic of going to the parks back to being a game.

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I agree. Though I wouldn’t mind a pay option, as long as it prices out enough people that it doesn’t meaningfully impact the wait for other guests.

Not quite. With either FP or FP+ you still had the option of the stand-by line, which to your other point will absorb some of the crowd. If you miss out of getting into a VQ, your done for the day as far as that attraction is concerned. Put in enough VQs and your day begins to be more like a lottery and would really throw a curve into any touring plan.

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Yes. Very true. Which actually makes VQ worse than the original FP.

It is pretty popular as it is classic. But it is also slow loading and unloading so that makes the line move more slowly.

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The schtick in Skipper’s really depends on your server. I have had one who was totally into it and one who I don’t think even cracked one pun. Sadly it is not guaranteed.

The Skipper who showed us to our table was full of the schtick. :joy: Our server was not. But I’m not sure we would have enjoyed it as much if it kept on going throughout the meal.

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What do liners think Disney should do - When back to normal?

  1. Bring back FastPass++

  2. I’ve read about the MaxPass, and that sounds interesting. $20/ per person, per day, sounds reasonable.

  3. Virtual Queues

  4. Express Passes, like at Universal, where you pay a boat-load of money or stay in a deluxe hotel. Few people use it. Like a fast pass without reservations or planning.

  5. Flash Pass like at Six Flags. I think it used to be where you pay like $10 per flash ride ride. Now I see you pay to use something like a virtual queue and if you pay more your return time can be less than standby,

  6. Something else? Seems like you either need something so expensive, that few people use it, or something cheap/free that most use.

Walt Disney’s original idea was to have people doing stuff instead of waiting in line. This makes sense to me. I’d rather sit on a curb people watching than waiting in a line. I’d also be much more like to spend money while not in line.


Personally, I would prefer none of the above. Go back to the days when people just got in line of they wanted to ride. But little chance of that. But definitely not VQs nor FP+ returning.

I don’t think the Express Pass concept would work for Disney…but something like it might. Trouble is, Disney had a ton of onsite guests, so Express Passes for on site guests, even just restricted to the non Value resorts would overwhelm the standby lines.

But they probably could go to something like on site guests get 3 FPs, but when you sign up is based on hotel tier. Deluxe can book at 60 days, mid at 45 days, and Value at 30 days. This would offer tiered incentive. No additional FPs allowed though to prevent making the standby lines even longer.

However, this isn’t a direct paid option that Disney might be looking at to drive up revenue. Still, it might incentivize enough people to upgrade to effectively generate additional revenue by filling up the deluxe rooms more.

I do not like the old idea of just waiting in line. I’ll compare my two most recent experiences as an example. In Jan 2020, we upgraded to a Club level room just for the $50/pp/pday three extra no-tier constraint fastpasses specifically for DHS. We didn’t want to see shows as we’ve seen all more than once including the Mandarin version of Frozen (which we sang in English of course because we do not know Mandarin). So we got five fastpasses since Tier 2 only included Star Tours for rides. We got in line for MFSR first thing which took an hour and immediately after MFSR our RotR BG were ready (mama had quick fingers that day). Then starting at 11am we did one ride per hour for ST, SDD, TSM, ToT and RnR with our five FP+s. We had to wait about 30 minutes for each FP+ to become valid even with the 5 min grace to use each FP+ but we got to sit and chat with each other, leisurely use the restroom, just walk around and enjoy the parks and the FP+ lines were never more than 15 min. Compare that to the trip we just got back from where we really didn’t even have to wait that long for any ride in the grand scheme of things but for every ride we waited 30-55 min (except AS2 which was 20 min and MMRR which we maybe waited 10min with walking since we did it first). I was exhausted and cranky while in line for RnR for 55 min I think it was in the heat of the day/sun at 4pm and didn’t enjoy the ride as much consequentially. I much prefer virtual lines as long as the real line isn’t still 30+ min like it is with RotR if you don’t get it first. However, my issue with virtual lines is the day of stress in getting one and your inability to enjoy or do whatever it is you should be doing because you’re focused on getting the Virtual line BG. And if Disney does not allow you to choose your return time it disturbs other plans. This is stressful and I would prefer the getting more FP+s ahead of time like we did last Jan where we still may have down time but it’s scheduled and relaxed. I dislike FP+ tiers and think they should be eliminated.

I will say ultimately though I prefer DLR’s system with MaxPass. We went last year and paid $15 a day and could get them from our phone a FP every 90 min or when we used the last one. We were able to get all the FP’s for the entire Disneyland Park we wanted, we didn’t have to stress out day of if we couldn’t get one as there was always standby which we didn’t need even though we went on Columbus Day weekend. And we didn’t have to plan everything out 60 days in advance leaving some enjoyment for locals or people who make last minutes changes like we did one year when a waterpark got closed day of for weather.


Herein lies my problem for paid FPs. Everytime someone pays to shortcut the line, it devalues the tickets of everyone else because it makes those lines just that much longer.

So, if I pay for a full day at the park, I have to wait longer and longer each time someone else pays extra.

And regular FPs just shift waits around.

I don’t mind waiting in lines. I don’t like waiting in lines made longer artificially.


Yes, my fave is the $15 Maxpass which is not per person but for everyone in your group and pretty affordable which gives two advantages to the old school free FP system DLR still used which is 90 min instead of 2 hours b/w FPs and the ability to do it from your phone.

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I’m also for giving everyone more fastpasses than 3 that you can book ahead that are free or based on the class of resort/room you are staying. So maybe day guests get 3, value resorts get 4, etc but no tier system. I don’t want to watch shows over and over. I only do them when it’s been a couple of years b/w them.

I will add we waited about the same time we would have waited for all those rides we got extra FPs for in DHS, we just didn’t have to do it standing in a physical line so I’m not sure we made the lines longer per say.

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I would prefer either Maxpass like Disneyland has, or FPP again with the option to buy more if staying Club Level. VQs are not my favorite. I love express passes as well, but they would need to be an additional charge to work at WDW, just staying onsite deluxe would have too many people using the system, therefore negating the benefits.