WDW just me and 1 year old DD

Hi all,
I got an AP this year for the first time and planning to make several trips to get the most out of it. we are planning to go down this nov/dec and I thought this would provide the perfect practice run before I try taking my DD 1 year old down for some long weekends by myself. DH, Dd and I are driving down on Nov 28 and checking into WL. I’m staying with DD through the week until Dec 5th, but DH is flying back home for work on Dec 1. My sister and niece were supposed to join me on Dec 2nd, and we are supposed to switch to All Star Sports. Now it looks like DSis/DN may not come at all, or may not come until Friday night. That means I’ll be with Dd by myself for 4 days until they arrive, or possibly will be with her by myself for 5 days and then making a 10 hour drive home with her by myself. I have no problems being by myself with my daughter, and she’s got a really easy going disposition so she’s probably easier than many kids to take care of, but I’ve never been away from home with her for that long by myself. I also haven’t made more than a 3 hour drive with her by myself. I’m a little nervous about trying to manage in the parks with her (stroller, diaper bag, times she wants to walk, restaurants, etc), maintaining the “super vigilance” that goes with a toddler for that long, and making such a long drive with her alone. When you travel with littles alone, what strategies do you use to keep things easy, convenient, lower stress? Just looking for tips/tricks - this is our only child and I have little to no experience with small children outside of DD, so we pretty much figure our parenting out as we go along :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried this myself, but one piece of early childhood advice seems very important - sleep when she sleeps! Give yourself permission to take it easy and enjoy your time together. (Also, a harness for the times she wants to walk might help the super vigilance.)

Have fun!

The big thing I tell myself when I’m alone with my twins is to give myself a little grace. Try to stay on schedule but if you don’t, everything will still be fine. Don’t set any lofty goals for yourself. Id use this time as a vacation. Sleep when she sleeps. If you don’t make it to the parks one or two days, who cares? You can explore around the resort. Get to know the cast members.

As for the drive, just keep low expectations :).

Just have a relaxing time - you won’t be full out touring but it should be fun. I had a day and a half last year alone with my boys (DS5 and DS1) last year. My MK afternoon was one of the best that I have had. But there were other times when if I could have packed DS1 in a suitcase and shipped him home I would have. Just don’t have too high expectations and go with the flow.

My other suggestion would be to pack light for the parks. I think handling the stuff can be just as hard as handling the kids sometimes. I would go with a smallish backpack and an easily collapsible stroller with a shoulder strap. Getting on and off of transportation and through bag check can be stressful. Also, if you need it you can ask a CM to help with your tray at a quick service.

Have fun!

Thanks all; my panic attack is mostly over now, and im getting really excited about the fun dd and i can have. Ive decided to drive back over two days so that i dont have to worry about the long drive and that is taking a load of stress off already. I think its going to be ok, now im just hoping my dsis/dn can make it for the weekend. Dn is going to be so disappointed if she doesnt get to come at all