WDW in the Springtime

Throwing myself full throttle into planning our May trip since our trip next week and trip in September are both officially dead.

We’ve been in January, February, July and October. Never in May.

We’re planning a two week trip. Two nights at Royal Pacific for UOA, four nights at CC, four nights at BC and four nights at GF (lake view splurge!)! We’ll have 10 day (hopefully) hoppers and lots of time to be leisurely and enjoy. It’ll likely be myself, my kids, DH for part of it (not the whole time) and my parents. Our trip will also occur over Mother’s Day and my youngest daughter’s birthday (she’ll turn 5 on our last full day).

What are your favorite things to do in the springtime at the world? How have you celebrated a birthday or Mother’s Day at WDW? What are your top 3 wish list things to do at Disney? What has been your favorite special thing you’ve done?

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IME it gets hot fast in May. We LOVE late April if that is feasible for you. Cool nights warm days and lower humidity than later in the spring and summer


I mostly agree with @OBNurseNH. We went last year the last week of April into the first week of May. It was unusually hot for the time of year. Even the CMs were saying it felt more like late May. It was mid 90’s almost every day. We felt like we were melting. We prefer late fall or winter trips. I would personally never do April-September trips ever again.

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Well yuck. July was melty last year but manageable.

Our school is out super early in May so we’re going right after school lets out on the 6th.

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We went in May 2018 and were planning on going this year at that time as well. That got pushed to October and now it is pushed again to May 2021. We also did September 2016.

We love May. It is hot, but I think the mornings and evenings are better than in September. Maybe it’s the humidity, but I feel like we did better with the heat in May. There were also less downpour thunderstorms. There are no parties to work around and we enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival. We haven’t done Mother’s Day, but did do my twins’ birthday one year. We got them birthday pins, but didn’t go crazy with it. They did get some small pixie dust experiences for their pins. One of our favorite parts last trip was riding BTMRR several times until park closing. I’m hoping hours get extended for May because we like riding in the dark.

I’m pretty sensitive to heat and I did just fine. We made sure to mix up air conditioning and outside activities. If you went in July, I think you will be fine.

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I went April 25 - May 1, 2019. I can only confirm what has been said. I will add that crowds were manageable - especially using TP. There was probably only one CL8 day at that time. Most were under CL5. (SW:GE & MMRR weren’t open yet, so DHS was pretty empty)

People have forgotten to mention the swarms of “Love Bugs” everywhere! That time of year is their breeding season. They are harmless - don’t bite or anything, but you can’t escape them when outside and they do manage to get inside places too! :laughing:


I was there 4/27-5/4.
I totally forgot about the love bugs… Yuk.
Also that was cheer/dance competition time and we seemed to get stuck behind them everywhere we went.

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Keep in mind your Texan tolerance for heat may be a bit more robust than those coming from cooler climates since for you it’s more a lateral change whereas they’ve likely experienced it as a contrast to their weather back home.

Not saying it will be cool, but somewhat better than July anyways.

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May is not going to be hotter than July.

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Absolutely. Because we are a bunch of bad a**es :wink:

The year we went in mid-October it was awful. So humid and still in the 90s. Weather is something we are mindful of and we definitely have a respect for the heat but its not a deal breaker for us. Ideally we’d go in February every year because the weather then was amazing. But I’m trying to avoid the kids missing a week of school because it was a beating having them make up all the work they missed.

I have read about these bugs. Exactly how bad are they?? My mind brings up an image of my high school cafeteria shutting down because the exterior wall of the school was covered with crickets. Like, the normally lightly colored brick was black. Disgusting. Are they that level of everywhere?! Or are they like mosquito hawks and just annoying in your face but then they fly away??

We had those groups in February too! They are everywhere!!!

One year we arrived 15 April. So warm.

I’ve noticed the heat and humidity less in September after putting up with it all summer. It’s still nicely moderate here in April so we’ve not gotten used to Florida’s temperatures yet.

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We didn’t see any love bugs in 2018. I think they were especially bad last year and were even the national news. I didn’t hear much about them this year.

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COVID took over all the news!!


Yes, but I have heard of the swarm of cicadas in the north and of the murder hornets, so if they were really bad like last year, I’m sure something would have been mentioned.

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The cicadas started here for about a weekend. Then maybe over the space of a week and a half, we had 3 or 4 heavy rains, several inches in a short time. Haven’t heard any cicadas since. Saw one Monday night but it wasn’t making any noise.

I have heard of them being that bad I parts of Florida but not WDW.

Worse than the mosquitoes you mention tho

It did make it hard to eat outside. Since they don’t bite or anything it’s not a big deal. It’s just annoying. :grin:

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