WDW Honeymoon Touring Plan Help

Hi Everyone,

We decided a little late into the game to elope and head to WDW the next day. I’ve done hours of research over the last three weeks and am stuck in creating my touring plan. Part of my issue is that Pandora opens only nine days prior to our arrival, so I’m really not sure what to expect for our day at Animal Kingdom.

So here is a run down about us, we are young mid-twenties, Disneyland veterans. We traditionally visit twice a year or so on average. Neither of us have been to WDW in the last 20+ years. We are both huge foodies and interested in Epcot and touring the World Showcase. We purchased 7 day parkhopper tickets with the regular dining plan and are staying at Pop Century.

Here is a draft of my plan:

June 5 - Epcot, dinner at Biergarten, FP+ Frozen or Soarin, Turtle Talk, then either Spaceship Earth or Mission Space.

June 6 - MK, lunch at Crystal Palace, FP+ 7 Dwarfs, Big Thunder, Peter Pan or Splash Mountain

June 7 - AK- lunch at Yak and Yeti, without AVATAR FP+ Kilimanjaro Safaris, Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest, with AVATAR FP+ Flight of Passage and/or Na’vi River Journey

June 8 - HS - lunch at 50s Prime Time Cafe - I’ve heard this is a half day park, but we can’t seem to make our plan into a half day… FP+ Toy Story Midway (only because we want to ride this twice). We also want to ride RnR and the Great Movie Ride. I’m not sure about whether to get fastpasses for any tier 2 FP+ because the only two we want to participate in are Indiana Jones Stunt Show and maybe Muppetvision 3D

June 9 - Epcot - Do we need two days at Epcot? Everyone says only one, but we feel like Epcot will be our most enjoyed resort. We have dining reservations for breakfast at Garden Grill and dinner at Coral Reef. I love seafood, but I’ve read maybe Coral Reef isn’t our best option. Thoughts?

June 10 - MK - lunch at Be Our Guest - Repeat day one plus missed attractions

June 11 - We have 7 days of tickets, so I made dining reservations for lunch and dinner at the Chefs De France restaurant, but I’m thinking maybe we should rearrange and do a day at Universal Studios or Island of Adventure. We have been to Universal Hollywood (prior to HP Wizarding World opening) and were not impressed with the simulation rides like Transformers.

Thank you all so much for your help, only three weeks until we book our FastPasses and less than 90 days until our elopment!!

You will not be disappointed in Frozen as a Fast Pass. That ride is so dope.

Ah! I’m so glad to hear it, its really a tough pick with so many great options in the FP+ tier one.

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I think for a honeymoon, two days at Epcot will be lovely. Lots of time to stroll around World Showcase, and two tier one FPP.
You’ll find differing opinions about FEA. It was cute enough and for sure a do-it-once ride, but I was disappointed - unlike Soarin’ which is mind-boggling every single time.

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We love Soarin’ at DCA, so when I saw I would have to chose between it and Frozen I was a little bummed. But you made a good point, we can always split them and do one each day. Good call!

I would do a full day at Epcot and then park hop back several evenings for Dinner and to check out more of the park, if it were me. World Showcase is awesome and the food and drinks are really great, but I start to get a little bored since I’m not much into the shopping that’s offered. Breakfast at Garden Grill is fabulous. It was one of my favorite breakfasts of our trip. I haven’t eaten at Coral Reef. Something seems weird about eating fish next to a giant fish tank. 50s Primetime has great Breakfast, but we’ve eaten there for dinner and it was akin to college cafeteria food, no joke. You won’t need fast passes for either Indy or Muppets in Hollywood. I think Hollywood is a full day park, but I love it. Star Tours is awesome (there’s like a dozen variations of this ride) and so are all things Star Wars there. Being you’re both huge foodies, I recommend Le Cellier. We had lunch there and the steak was top 3 I have ever had. You guys have to do the Hoop-dee-doo review. Newlyweds, a funny dinner show and it’s all you can drink with great comfort food.

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Great idea with the hopping back to Epcot for dinner. I was struggling trying to decide where to eat because we want to eat everywhere. lol. I think we will change one of our reservations to Le Cellier. Their menu looks amazing!

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June 5 - Turtle Talk is a little kiddie. I can’t wait until we can skip that one. I rode Frozen with FP. No way I would have waited in line for it… but with only a 5-10 min wait, it was AWESOME.

MK - don’t forget Space Mountain, Pirate of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise (we love!). We’re looking forward to meeting talking Mickey on our next visit for the first time.

June 8 - HS might be 1/2 day park for some, but not for us. I need 3/4 to a full day - and I never get bored. Meet Olaf :slight_smile: Meet Moana! Tons of other character meetings in HS. I like to FP Frozen Sing A Long.

June 9 - if you will have breakfast at Garden Grill, don’t back track and have dinner at Coral Reef - rather, spend this time in World Showcase being an adult. There is plenty of great food in WS :slight_smile:

One of my biggest regrets of last trip was cancelling my Le Cellier reservation.

Congratulations on the elopement!

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Yes! Thank you so much for walking through this. I have no idea where anything is located. We changed our Coral Reef reservation to be at Le Cellier and we added another one at Teppan Edo as pmoriart suggested parking hopping back there on another evening.

I feel the same about Hollywood Studios I’m looking at my touring plan and keep adding more and more. We can meet so many characters there and so many shows, etc.

Thank you!

I really like EasyWDW maps. I find them the easiest to follow. Things are not to scale, obviously, but it helps to understand that when something is on opposite ends of the park it could be a 20-30 minute walk

This is exactly what I have been needing!! One of the girls we follow at Disneyland gives you step by step morning instructions. It is crazy how much planning is going into what attractions and which fastpasses, but I am so grateful to have your help!

Hollywood Studios is so fun. If you see characters walking the park and you will, interact with them. You won’t regret it. Our DS4 talked to two people in character on Hollywood Blvd for like 20 minutes. I grabbed a beer and was walking back the DW and was stopped by Storm Troopers on patrol asking where I’d acquired the contraband. I offered them a sip and was met with “NOT WHILE I AM ON PATROL! You are free to go” For you folks, look into the Express Transportation option. We looked and it wasn’t right for us because we took mid-day breaks then park hopped after, but for going park to park it seems legit. It’ll save you having to go through security again since they drop you off in the park

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We went to WDW for our Honeymoon in December for 6 days. We would go to a park in the morning/early afternoon, rest in the afternoon, then parkhop to another park for the evening/Dinner. We spent most of our evenings at EPCOT as they had a lot of variety. We loved Coral Reef, Biergarten, and San Angel. We spent a whole day at Hollywood studios - lots of things to do and see! We loved Sci Fi dine-in the best! My biggest advice is try not to rush through everything. We did our first day and were exhausted. We took it easy the other days (with FPP and dining RSVP of course). Another piece of advice is try not to “back track” or zig zag for FPP or dining RSVP. I had a grumpy hubby when we did that :slight_smile:

Ex: EPCOT in the AM (breakfast at hotel) then FPP for Spaceship Earth, FPP for Photos with Mickey and Friends, then start the world showcase FPP for Frozen before lunch at Biergarten. Finished the rest of the world and was able to snag a 4th FPP for Soarin’ on our way out.

If you can splurge go to California Grill or Narcosee’s for dinner one night and watch the MK fireworks. Super romantic and you can also see the lagoon lightshow!

Congratulations and hope you have as much fun as we did!!! :slight_smile: