WDW Girls trip

If you and a friend were going on a girls trip to WDW, what is something you would be sure to do? We plan to go 4 parks, we are doing an all day backstage tour, we don’t do roller coasters or drink. We have meal plan…doing a table meal once at each park. Really a broad question, I know, but I am betting there will be interesting things I have not thought about. Thank you.

I would do the HEA dessert party.

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You could have fun interacting with Gaston and some of the other guys. Also, you could meet the Fairy Godmother - no one is ever too old to need a fairy godmother! You could enjoy the GF spa.

Fairy Godmother sounds like a good idea. I could use some advice from her!

Have some nice meals. Hang out at a few of the lounges. Relax and have a fun time!

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