WDW first timers

I just realized that I never did a trip report. So here it goes! we traveled in april. We left Fresno CA around 7ish, got to LAX around 9ish (estimates now, its been a few months ago). Plane left LAX around 10pm. Our flight was honestly the worst. The guys behind talked loudly for hours like they were at the club lol and we were right be a bathroom, lots of activity. When the guys finally settled down a poor baby started crying and must have cried for about the last two hours of the trip. eh what are you gonna do? I was never so happy to be off a plane in my life
! They made us check our carry on in lax, lack of space so we had to wait to pick it up, then headed to the car rental place. Its about 5.30 am (EST, we were still on PST) we get our car finally and head to the resort. Get to POP and we know we are super early, but asked for a room asap. Got some breakfast. MY DS8 is pretty miserable at this time so I let the little guy sleep in the rental car. Its a VW bug, my luck the seats don’t recline and I am not getting any sleep!! Around 9:30 am we get the room ready text!! music to my ears. We had one suitcase still on the magical express, of course the one with the toiletries haha, but that’s ok, we were getting a second wind and headed to HS. The park is beautiful! Loved TOT, so much bigger than ours back home. We had a prime time res and tried to check in, but was told at least a 30 minute wait. we were starving so we opted to cancel the res, without any penalty and did a mobile order instead. I almost fell asleep on the muppets show!! I had a drink at one of the little street side bars and wow!! they sure don’t skimp on the alcohol. We did all three fastpasses we had for that day, and my son loved Rock n roll coaster. nothing like it on the west coasts that’s for sure. By now we are exhausted and had to modify our Sci fi res. We headed back to the room and crashed by 7pm!! I learned a few things—

  1. Don’t make reservations on day one if you are taking the red eye.
  2. Pay for the extra night so you can get into your room asap, if you are arriving before check in.
  3. Run yourself ragged on day 1 so you can go to bed early and get on florida time for the rest of the trip!!

Day two we woke up as refreshed as could be, completely adjusted to the time and ready to tackle the world!!
To be continued…


I forgot you were from my neck of the woods! Can’t wait to hear the rest! Thank you for remembering to come back and reporting!

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Sounds like a really rough flight schedule but I’m glad you got on track!

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Smart to choose HS as your first day three considering the exhaustion.

Your comment about TOT is interesting:

Other than the change in theming to Guardians of the Galaxy, I had assumed the DCA version was otherwise identical. Is TOT bigger as in taller? I’m curious! :slight_smile:

It is different, and yes seems taller! Now that we have Guardians, I would say they are two completley different rides but before when they were the same the TOT in Florida was way better. even the walkway leading up to the ride. then when you get in the ride, the car moves, the one in cali didnt do that.

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I wish I’d done my trip report alot sooner, I feel like I have forgotten little details

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