WDW Disney Portraits?

Ok guys just got a call from DS1- and oh boy!

Does any one know if Disney Fine Arts Photography still exists after Covid?

The enchanted extras 20 minute package isn’t gonna cut it…

The hyper links aren’t working…

Yes. They are still doing this. In fact, when we were there in December, we walked up to what we thought was a photopass photographer to get our photo done, and they told us this was a private session.


(That page says Magic Kingdom…but we were in Epcot in December.)

That’s the 20 minute package-

I am looking for the hour before park opening @ MK

Oh. I see. In that case…I have no idea! :smiley:

You can buy 2 back to back capture your moment sessions. That’s what Disney actually suggests.

We did this a year ago and had such a great experience with this for a multi-generational trip. We did the back to back sessions at Magic Kingdom.

I remember thinking that it was a pretty good deal, however I think they may have raised prices.

So you did the Family Portrait Session or the Capture the moment after the shutdown?

I emailed Disney but don’t expect to here back anytime soon…

Sorry for not being clear. We did the Capture the Magic Photo session. They probably took at least 50-75 photos in the 40 mins we had booked. They also new great locations where the background wouldn’t be flooded with people.

If you would like some examples I can try to post a few.

That would be excellent-

I would really appreciate it…