WDW Cast Party Nov 5th, MK Early Closure

Anyone have experience with anything similar? Mk is closing at 4:30pm, Nov 5th. It is not a Halloween or Xmas party, where the partygoing public will start showing up later in the afternoon. This is supposedly a CM party for WDW employees only. I’m hedging my bets that it will be a great day to hit MK early and hop - nobody in their right mind would pay 100 bux for a ticket to mk that day, right? I’m posting this here because most people don’t research too much even though the ones that do research would find that unfathomable. Anyone else gonna be there? Last day of our trip - fingers crossed it’s gonna be a ghost town! If I had any liner swag, I’d wear it - maybe I’ll try to find something in the store.

I think that generally speaking you are correct. MK usually has smaller crowds on the days that it closes early for Halloween and Christmas parties, so, it is very likely that the crowd would be lower on those days.

I don’t have direct experience on such a day (ie not a party but still an early close) but I think you reasoning is sound.

Also last day for my trip! And my plan is MK then hopping for dinner!

Will be there at that time as well. We don’t have a hopper this time around so we’ll be at the Studios on that day but if we had a hopper we would certainly do that !