WDW Canceled through 6/6/2020

Just saw this on Yahoo…


I know a couple ppl who have late June reservations & are still hoping to go. I’ve been warning them for a while to make a back-up trip. I guess we’ll see… :thinking:

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I have a June 22 reservation at wilderness lodge dvc rental and unfortunately can not revise or make backup plans until its official and Daves contacts me. :frowning:

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I had the same situation for my May 29th trip and just got my credit email two days ago. I decided to use my credit for my replacement trip next May and not go this year since it’s on the other side of the country from me.

I assume you really want to go this year whenever Disney opens. Since the credit can be used for 24 months, I would suggest maybe you book a backup trip with cash this year (which can be refunded up to the day before if your existing reservation doesn’t get cancelled) and save your David’s credit for next year or the year after.

Honestly I wished it canceled and I could reschedule asap for next year… I just can’t afford to plan a 2nd trip since there is technically no guarantee I’m getting any money back yet. I was taking my family my parents and grandparents since they never been and and potentially a lot of money up in the air atm. DVC through Daves, tickets through underground tourist and a meal plan. Yeah they have been accommodating people but until I see it on paper I’m not taking the risk. In fact I think after this I would never risk renting points again. I want to reschedule for next year but cant.