WDW Buses Still Awful

I thought in the 3 years since I’ve been here last, somehow they would fix the horrible bus transportation, but alas it still stinks. Ridiculously slow, times keep changing, not enough buses especially at the end of the night so waiting way too long in line just to get a bus back to your resort. So many buses sitting idle “refilling their pixie dust” when they need to be refilling with passengers. Then they wonder why guests are cranky?


Well … there is the small matter of being short something like 500 cast members JUST for bus service. Another member posted today:

“They’re currently at 1600 bus drivers for 400 buses. They’re trying to get to 2000 drivers.”

It’s for sure frustrating. I don’t mean to suggest it isn’t. But there does seem to be some explanation for it at least in part.


In my two trips this year, I had maybe 3 experiences over 3 weeks where I had a long wait for a bus (30+ min). Maybe 2-3 times where I waited close to 20 min (which is what they tell you the frequency is). Most of the time I walked on or had to wait less than 10 minutes. I actually think that’s pretty good. But it sounds like you had some bad luck.

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I have had no issues with the busses really… maybe it’s just expectations? We used a couple times last trip to go for lunch.

When we stayed at CBR we played bus roulette - since there were a few options, we’d take one to a Skyliner Resort and take Skyliner. That was a fun trip.


Sometimes you can’t avoid the bus, but I try :wink:

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It’s not so much standing on a bus as it is them packing you in like sardines.


Plus in my case being used to public transportation as I live in NYC. Waiting, schedule being weird, and/or having to stand doesn’t bother me in the least. Actually one pre-COVID trip, I was the final one left standing at a park to resort stop after loading where others would say “Nope, it’s full. I’ll wait.” I peered at the bus and saw a definite standing spot. The driver said “It’s standing…” I shrugged and said “I live in NYC…” He laughed out loud and said “Get on here. You’re a pro!”


When we were there in August we only had one annoying wait and that was mostly since we needed to be at AK for a tour by a certain time. AK was opening at 8AM, first park to open and seemed to be the one without any buses despite nearly everyone waiting for AK. As I finally gave up and started to book an Uber for us, a bus came and we made it in plenty of time. The rest of the trip, we really had no bus complaints…

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