WDW Back-Office Changes, Room Assigments, and Faxes

I’m told that WDW hotels will soon move their back-office room assignment roles from the individual hotels to a central location at Team Disney.

My sources haven’t said how this will affect the faxed room requests. In particular, I don’t know if there’ll be a single number for faxes at Team Disney. If there’s not, we’ll need to find another way to get the requests to Team Disney. There may be some service interruptions while we figure that out.

I’ll post more as information becomes available.


Any idea on a timeline for this @len? I have a trip in < 3 weeks - wondering if it would be better to call central reservations to have them note my room request.

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School vacation week for me too!

What do you do for room requests? Use the fax? Call in?

Thanks for the update, sir. Much appreciated.

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I don’t think they’ll make this move within 3 weeks. There’s a lot to coordinate.


Thanks @len. Appreciate everything you and TP does, as always.

For my first part of my trip I have a Touring Plans fax ready to go.

Good to know. Hope the folks at Disney are willing to work with you to figure out the best way to send the requests in. Maybe they’ll even embrace some sort of crazy new technology, like e-mail.