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After going to DL frequently for years, we are going to WDW for the first time in Jan '17. I would like to know if there is a chart that compares the rides that are similar. I am wondering which, if any, rides are identical between the parks. Thanks!

If you have the book (Unofficial Guide), there’s a section in it about this. Here on this website, I just did a search for “compare WDW DL” and got lots of results. Here are some fairly recent blog articles with good information:

There are many rides that are in both parks, but they rarely are “identical.”

I don’t know of a preexisting chart, but as someone who is very familiar with both parks, here’s a start:
DL attractions

PoC - Very similar, DL version is better
HM - Very similar
Jungle Cruise - similar, but MK is longer with more scenes
Tiki Room - Identical show
BTMRR - Almost identical
Splash - Similar, MK version a bit better
Pooh - Similar in concept, very different rides
Peter Pan - Similar, but some differences
Small World - Very different. DL version MUCH better than MK
Tea cups - Same ride; under a canopy at MK
SM - Totally different. DL version MUCH MUCH better
Buzz - similar concept, different ride.
StarTours - Identical (located in DHS in WDW)
Dumbo - Identical, but prettier in MK

DCA Attractions

Soarin’ - Different Queue, but identical ride (located in EP)
Tough to be a Bug - Identical (located in AK)
TSMM - Different Queue, identical ride (located in DHS)
ToT - Similar concept, but better in WDW (located in DHS)
Grizzly River - Kali River is similar in concept, but VASTLY inferior to GRR (located in AK)
Little Mermaid - almost identical ride, different queue (located in MK)

I’m sure I’ve missed some, but this is a good start.

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Thanks for the links. I have the guide for WDW and I can’t seem to find the chart. Do you happen to know what chapter it is in?

Thanks for the list! This is helpful.

Knew I missed a couple…


Tom Sawyer Island - Larger in WDW and still Tom, not pirates
Riverboat - essentially the same; scenery a bit different
Autopia - Speedway is similar in concept, but Autopia is much better themed.
Astro Orbiter - MK’s version is still on the raised platform, so it’s more exciting
Acorn Coaster - very similar, if not identical to The Great Goofini, with different theming
Indiana Jones - Identical track to Dinosaur, but Indy is a better ride (located in AK)
Monorail - In DL it’s considered a “ride”; in WDW is strictly a means of transportation.


Muppetvision - essentially the same (located in DHS)
Sky School - similar track to Primeval Whirl, but PW has cars that spin (located in AK)

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