WDW AP sales coming back!

This :point_up: There will be all kinds of people buying that arent sure they need it. Buying just in case. Increasing the demand and creating chaos.

If you can swing it, get it.

Maybe get the cheapo (hah! “Cheapo”) one and then upgrade when needed

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That’s how I’m leaning, but don’t they activate the day of purchase now vs when you first visit a park? Or did I misunderstand that?

Here’s another kink in the plan: my mom and aunt are coming in October. They will buy passes, but it’s possible Julia will earn guest passes by that time. If she does, I would buy their passes from them for future use (they are unlikely to go again). In which case Julia would have future admissions saved. So if we buy one we are holding on to all kinds of spent money we maybe don’t need to have spent in one format or another.

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Children would be fine. My major issue was with initial activation last year for Katie. She does not have the same last name as my son but they own a home and he is a deeded owner. It was a battle to get her AP activated. Funny for renewal I called and it was no problem at all when GS has told me they were noting on my account that my son had to physically go and renew her.


This! It’s why we all still have both :roll_eyes:


OK so your opinion carries some weight here, with 2CMs in house and everyone with APs just the same.

I wish we could get FL resident :wink:


I am so excited!!
Although this might change my May/June family trip now.


I don’t think so? I think the usual practice of it starts when you activate onsite is still in effect?
It’s renewals that still carry the expiration date, which is annoying.

Yes but I did downgrade to the Pirate (more blackout dates) for all of us this year. We don’t really want to be there when it’s super busy and if needed we can use the CM pass.

I’m not sure what kind of passes CP get, I’ll ask DD.


we need a liner “house”. I’m not even greedy and saying we should snag a golden oak property. Something off site, everyone can register as their “house” and air BnB that sucka to all liners.

Get the sorcerer passes, get the floridian discounts, influence their elections… WINS ACROSS THE BOARD!


You could pay me to drop off pick up keys :wink:


That is how my AP activated in February 2022 and renewed in 2023 worked.

Oh OK good. I think I was mixing those two things up.

So we could snag one for her and hold it for future activation after CP is done.

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They earn guest passes after a certain number of hours worked that they can give to guests for guests to enter without her.
CP also get a maingate self-admit (?) pass and can scan guests in with her

But the details are a little muddy and there’s a question of whether she’ll reach that guest pass threshold in time - it will be super close.

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Wait, you’re saying your new, non-renewed pass was bought in feb, activated later(gonna guess in July?), and needed to be renewed in Feb of 2023?

If so, that’s definitely new, and sucky.

I was getting us settled at Golden Oak and then Jan flaked on me.



It was a whole thing in Uncensored. A scam email I received from Jan who was a bank president and had millions for me in her desk drawer if only I would contact her. As we often do, we took that and ran and it became a running joke.


Anyone know if convention tickets can be upgraded to APs?


No, the ones we bought and activated in February 2022 were activated at GS on first use (I don’t know if you have to do that anymore). Renewal automatically renewed on the expiration of that first pass (I had two certificates in my account). I did not have to go to GS for renewal.

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