WDW announces multi day dining reservation search


That will be frickin AWESOME (as long as it works LOL)

It’s so tedious to go day by day by day as you search for an elusive ressie. This is a great update!


Will give you a 10 day window for searching



Now make it work and not crash!


Great news! Thanks for sharing.


Well, aren’t you greedy!


Dang, but you are prophetic!

I for one have never encountered problems making ADR in MDE … until this morning when my 60 day window opened. I picked a highlighted available time slot for Morimoto Asia from the “available date range” only to receive an unexpected warning that the time was no longer available after clicking it that instructed me to select another time. Okay, never seen that before, but another available reservation 15 minutes later was highlighted as one I could pick. So I did. And got the very same warning again once I selected that one too. Ugh! So out of confused desperation I went up to the Things To Do drop down menu in MDE, and selected the “All Dining” link instead of the make reservations link. Navigated to the very same day & times, and got a confirmed ADR for my 1st choice that was originally rejected. All other ADR requests went thru perfectly without with this weirdo glitch repeating. Sure wish the Great & Powerful Disney IT Wizard hiding behind the curtain would let me know what I did wrong. :thinking:

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Ummm, you didn’t do anything wrong. The Great & Powerful Disney IT Wizard behind the curtain is to blame…

I’ve always used the All Dining option to book ADRs because it was more reliable.

But both ways should work - obviously!

Of course this is the same Disney IT that doesn’t let UK guests book dining using WiFi since the start of the year. VPN or data required.