WDW and Universal planning help

I’m just starting to plan my 2 week holiday to WDW and Universal. Do I need to create two seperate plans on TP? I’m getting really confused and it’s all new to me

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You will need to have access to both the WDW and Universal subscriptions to be able to make plans for both of the resorts. Further, the separate parks within those resorts have their own plans, so you will be making many, many touring plans. I would say to start with the park you are most excited about and play around with that one and then move on to another one. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Welcome. You will have such fun planning on here. So much information is available and if someone doesn’t know the answer that will ‘know a man (or woman) who does’!

if you stay at one of the bid three hotels at Universal then Express passes included. Even if you stay or reserve one night you get two days. We worth it and then really no touring plan needed at Universal so you may want to do this last as that part of the trip is so relaxing