In need of opinions/advice! We are beginning to plan our WDW vacation next summer. We were planning to stay for 8 days. Our kids will be 7 and almost 2. Now DH says we should look into doing WDW for 4 days and a 4 day Disney cruise. Has anyone done this before with young kids? What was your experience? Would you recommend it or should we just stick to our original plan and do the DCL another year?

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Note that I haven’t done a Disney cruise since I was a kid myself. That said, I would do DCL another year. Your not-quite-two year old will not be old enough to participate in the kid’s activities, which is a highlight for most kids. To have any babysitting at all, you’d have to put your little one in the nursery, which is $9/hr. I think that the little one would get a lot more out of a trip to WDW. I’d do the cruise when your youngest is 4, maybe? Old enough to enjoy the kids activities.