WDW 50th Anniversary trip reschedule

Hey guys,
Haven’t posted much lately but have been lurking. It was hard to be around Disney info without any light at the end of the tunnel.

We had a trip cancelled in March when COVID really started shutting stuff down. We re-booked for November with blind hope that things would be safe/normal by then. That’s obviously not the case.

We are now looking to rebook for October '21.

Obviously, this is complete speculation from people but I’d love to hear your opinions on what you expect the parks to be like then.

Crowds? Halloween party? Dining reservations? Dining plan? Etc?

I’m hopeful that with all the vaccinations over Q1 and Q2, that we will be almost completely normal by the fall.

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Obviously it is too soon to know, but I would expect social distancing and mask-wearing to still be a thing in October. But having done two Disney trips this year during the pandemic, I really wouldn’t let that scare you off. Would we have preferred no masks? Sure…but it really was not a big deal at all. In fact, we got so used to them that after we returned home, I started putting my mask on as soon as I headed outside and even driving. My wife was like, “You look funny wearing a mask while you’re driving!”

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I think Covid measures will be reduced incrementally all year. They are already loading every row on outdoor roller coasters, which they hadn’t been doing up till now (and the pandemic is worse than it has ever been!). So they will take baby steps as conditions improve and I suspect masks will be the last thing to go.

Who knows what else will be left in October. Park reservations? Health screenings? Some of these things are as much for the comfort and peace of mind of the guest as they are Covid measures.


Really? Interesting. They were still skipping rows when we were there!

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Yeah I think @DumboRunner noted it on SDD and / or Expedition Everest.

I’m fine with masks. I think the biggest deal breakers would be not having some new form of FP & shows/fireworks. I’m curious how they will continue to push social distancing as they obviously intend to add more capacity (as shown by opening the hotels in the next few months).

Actually, the lack of FPs was wonderful. I hope they don’t return. (I know they will, but I can dream.) Lines moved MUCH faster as a result.

The shows/fireworks, though, I understand. The shows they could bring back more easily than the fireworks…at least in MK. I think the fireworks may show up in EPCOT first, and perhaps Fantasmic could return at HS with limited capacity.

But it is all a guessing game at this point.

At MK I was curious and checked 7DMT – there it looked like they were leaving empty rows between parties.

I don’t know what was up at EE, but it was definitely every row on the train before mine, and the one I was on. I didn’t see SDD so don’t know

Maybe it was a mistake on the part of the CMs at the time I was riding.

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Interesting about the FP. Maybe they see guests feedback and being back some modified version of them instead of the way they were.

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I know you hate the FPP system but I hate the no-FPP system , I know it is selfish. I don’t want to spend that much time in queues, especially indoors during COVID when social distancing is eroding.


No more selfish than ADRs.

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Its more than just SDD too…Its RnR, obviously ROTR and MMRR…CDC guidelines state 15 mins of exposure without a mask is the cut off for safety…a 2-3 min ride with masks on shouldn’t be a factor at all


I think that by October WDW will almost be back to normal…My guess is they will be running at 100% capacity, FP , EMH, Dining, Fireworks and shows will have all returned…I also believe that they will be no masks by then…The CDC is projecting for the entire country to be vaccinated by no later than June…I think they are being conservative with their estimates… …

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I’m planning an October 2021 trip too (after cancelling this past October). We will cancel if we aren’t satisfied with both (a) the safety level and (b) the amount of “normal” Disney World being back.

I think some form of FP+ will be back (likely a paid FP option). I also think fireworks/shows will be back by then. I’m less optimistic on character meet and greets, but think it is possible. I highly doubt that buffets will be back by then (if ever). Personally I hope handshakes and buffets never return!

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I would except near-normalcy in Florida unless there is some unforeseen vaccine setback. Latest report is that anyone who wants a vaccine in the U.S. will have it by June. You can bet Disney will be pushing the 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom whether things are back to normal or not.

What could make for smaller crowds than expected around October could be the economy not recovering quite yet, here and/or overseas. However, with the aforementioned 50th anniversary, smaller than expected crowds will still exceed your typical October and likely will be your summer crowds on a non-holiday weekend.

I’m holding off until 2022. We were planning summer 2021, but we don’t get down there but once every few years, and we have to make the most of our dollar. So we want the shows back, current construction finished (especially the Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy coasters), and yes, the return of Fastpasses (in any FREE form), single-rider lines, and buffets.