WD 2015 Tickets Link to Official Ticket Center Price Difference

Used Ticket Calculator link to www.officialticketcenter.com and the price is $349.79 for Adult 4 Day Base Ticket With Hopping-With 14 Day Expiration 5th day free which it says includes tax/shipping... But I called the main tel# for OTC and the said the price increased...and that the Tourplans link was incorrect? Not sure if I should risk this or not?

I believe that the prices on TP are updated every night, so it may be out of sync on the day of a price change. However, the TP link takes you to special "affiliate" prices that are lower than the usual OTC discounted prices, so the price on TP might still be correct. See what the price is on the OTC website when you follow the TP link.

@brklinck It worked and was the best ticket pass. Got the confirmation.