Way to change from Farenheit to Celcius?

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if there is a way to change the temperature forecasts from Farenheit to Celcius?
In my dashboard and other multiple places where touringplans displays the current forecasts for a specific day, are all displayed in F.

Could not find a way to change it, so just wanted to know if I am not finding it or there isn’t any way to do it.

Thank you!

Tagging @len for this. I don’t see it as an option…

Barring some programming that might be required to make a change to the touring plans site, may suggest that you find an app for your phone, like Dgrees.

Generally, 15-27 C is about 60-80 F. Depending on the time of year that you’ll be visiting Florida, it may vary as much as from 5 C (about 45 F) to 35 C (90+ F).

I don’t think there’s a toggle that will switch between the two. I have a “convert” app on my iPhone that I use for the US/Europe conversions. Manually, you can get an approximate C value by subtracting 32 from the F temp and then divide by 2 (to be completely accurate, multiply by 5.5).