WAWA Convenience Store


Need quick food, late night on the way to Wallyworld from the airport. It’ll be close to 11pm. Any intel on Wawa convenience stores/gas stations? Random reviews around the interwebs say it just might be better than this out-of-stater might assume. Any intel? Wawa lovers / haters? Sure, mcd/tacohell/bk is an option, but I do not have a Wawa anywhere near me, so I’m intruigued.


It was my go-to as a college student in Philadelphia mumble years ago. Better than your average conception of “convenience store food.”


Definitely go to Wawa over the fast food chains you mentioned! Sandwiches, salads, quesadillas - all excellent!


I’m amidst several Wawas, and I would say it’s a definite step up from normal convenience store food. They use toasters instead of microwaves for 90% of the food offerings. The sandwiches are on par as a Subway (I think they’re a bit better, but it’s up for debate) and the selections house brand drinks are solid.

The crafted drinks are as good as Starbucks, and the coffee is less bitter.


Wawa is AWESOME. Spent my mis-spent college days in PA and I still go to WAWA. Although, I will say the QT (QuikTrip) stores we have in Atlanta are very close in quality… especially as far as cold drinks and coffee are concerned. I think Wawa has a more extensive food offering…


Wawa is awesome! I used to go there when I was in college in PA. Now I’m back in New England where there are no Wawa’s :frowning:

Go for it.


Ok, lived in the Philly area all of my 57 years…it is the best. Great sandwiches made to order. Lots of options. Hands down better than Subway or any of the other “chains” you’ll find strewn across Florida. Great drink selection. Can’t go wrong…would go out of my way (within reason) to find one.


I haven’t thought of WaWas in years! There was one right next door to Penn vet school in Philly. We went there for lunch all of the time for the best turkey sandwiches. I’m remembering it was all reasonably priced since I was living on my meager student budget and could afford it. Fond memories of WaWas from me!