Waterproof cast covers- actually used, looking for reviews

Has anyone used an arm cast cover to swim while at Disney or even just for showering? DS got his cast yesterday - above the elbow to thumb and I want him to still have fun the last 2 weeks of summer vacation. Looking for personal reviews.

I've googled and searched and will go to the medical supply store today to see what they say. 13 year olds don't like mom to help in the shower, you know, but also going to WDW tomorrow and wanted to swim!

We used a leg one with my DD4 when she broke her leg. WE only used it for showers and tubs but had NO ISSUES. Best money I ever spent. I think it only recommends a certain amt of time in the water though as basically it uses suction to make the area waterproof.

I used press and wrap, a large garbage bag, and rubber bands today when I got him ready for the shower.

I used an arm one for 8 weeks of showering and it worked great. Never tried swimming with it though.

We used one for swimming and it worked fine. My son was probably only in the pool for 10-15 min because I was afraid it would leak but it never did. It was great for showers. It was tight at the opening so he did not want it on too long anyway. Not something easily put on by someone with one working arm so your son will
need help. I thought they actually had waterproof cast material now. I'm sure it is not available everywhere but maybe you could ask if he is due for a cast change.

Thanks for the reviews. DS has decided he is not willing to trust the waterproof cast covers. His anxiety level is high and I am letting him do what he feels is safe.

The waterproof cast material was way too expensive and insurance doesn't cover it so he will survive with this for 10 days then we go back in for more xrays so he will get a new cast then anyway.