Waterparks not re-opening?

I’m selfishly keen for the water parks to stay shut during June so that I’ll get a refund on my H2O Glow Nights tickets.

I’ve seen no information about this.

I saw somewhere…probably Twitter, not an official source…that castmembers had been told the water parks would not be reopening with the theme parks. Emphasis was on getting the main parks up and running first.

@mousematt either way I think Disney will be able to refund you now. Your flights from UK are cancelled aren’t they? I called on Monday after hearing our flight was cancelled and they’ve cancelled our VAH tickets and started the refund process. They were lovely about it. I’m sure I sounded sorry that we weren’t going, but they also said they were sorry we couldn’t make it. Great customer service.

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Yes, it would be impossible for me to attend. But I don’t want to make an international call. Or any call and be placed on hold forever. I’m hoping they’ll just auto refund — sooner rather than later.

0800 169 0748
I used this freephone number and didn’t have to wait to be answered. I was on hold for a little while during the actual call, but probably 20 mins max in total (and I was on hold for an extra thing at the end rather than the actual cancellation).

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Thanks. I might give it a go.

I wonder if they’ll let me cancel MNSSHP while I’m at it.

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Can’t hurt to ask.

I’ve lazily sent them an e-mail. I’ll report back any success I have.

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outside from USA, what number can i phone???

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That number was for calling from the UK.
I got it by calling the regular customer service number on the UK Disney site.
I would suggest that you have a look on the website for the country you’re calling from and see if there’s a number.
Good luck!

I am in the same boat. I had a June 17th party booked…MDE is still showing all my stuff as happening. I thought today I would have gotten the email cancelling it all but I have gotten nothing yet. Guessing they are overwhelmed over there and will get to it! We can be selfish together! :innocent:

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FWIW, Texas is allowing our waterparks to re-open now.

Schlitterbahn will re-open mid June

One of the news outlets says SeaWorld San Antonio’s Aquatica will reopen June 6 but nothing on their website that I could find.

Interesting our water parks are opening before our theme parks.

My guess is the parks are more critical to the bottom line for Disney, whereas Aquatica is probably easier to re-open for SeaWorld.

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Volcano Bay is opening June 5th.
I would rather go there anyway!

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