Waterparks: Blizzard Beach vs. Typhoon Lagoon

Looking for general comparisons of the two water parks and don’t see that topic yet, so maybe we can post here! I’ve never been to either, but am looking for recommendations on where my two nephews should go – one teen and one young adult. They both love the ocean on a high-wave day, so wave pool is a must. Teen loves thrill rides, but young adult less so. Teen is a more advanced swimmer. Suggestions? General comparisons? Thanks! :swimmer:

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There’s something for everyone at both. TL has the better wave pool. BB has Summit Plummit. Try both if you can. They’re both great!

We did both in the last week and had way more fun at BB. All the slides at TL seemed really rough and my son (22, not little!) and I both ended up with some cuts and scrapes. We did enjoy the water coaster at TL, and the wave pool was fun but only if you’re a really strong swimmer, and even then for a short time. Really enjoyed the slides, lazy river, family raft ride and of course chairlift more at BB.

Thanks for the feedback, this is just the info I was hoping for!

My kids aged 7 and 10 last visit preferred BB to TL. The 2 kids areas in BB are fab and give the kids a bit of freedom. Also love the theming at BB better. BUT loved the swimming with sharks at TL.

Do they have a lazy river at BB?

I agree that the wave pool at TL is really strong and for really good swimmers only - I consider myself a very strong swimmer, but I find myself worrying about everyone else in there too much to enjoy it! I felt anxious the whole time my 17 year old son (another strong swimmer) was in there without me! Also very easy to get scraped/grazed in there by the rough surface on the bottom.

Think that TL is prettier with all the lush planting - BB felt a bit ‘concretey’.

Prefer the lazy river at TL - it’s lovely with all the plants overhead.

Preferred the slides at BB overall, but the crush n gusher at TL is GREAT.

Oh dear I’m no help - whichever one they go to will be fun!

We love and go to both if we are there for a week. I prefer TL for theming and lush greenery; love the water coaster and the brown slides at the back corner (forgot their name). DS15 and DS12 pick BB for Summit Plummet; family raft ride is awesome, and wave pool allows for more enjoyable floating.

We’ve only been to TL and enjoyed the wave pool (but everyone is right: be prepared!), the snorkeling with the fish was a favourite, as was the lazy river. Agree that some of the slides were a bit harsh and painful. Loved the scenery and the tropical feel.

Thanks, everyone! I will pass along all these tips!

Can someone post a little bit about the BB section geared to 5-11 year olds? Can grownups use it or just kids? What is in this area? Does it have slides more for their size? My DD5 I think would love this area, but I have not found any links on what this area contains.

My family has older kids and they have preferred BB since they were teens. They love the iceberg area. We also like that at the BB family raft ride you don’t have to roll your tube up the huge hill.

The “big kid” area at BB is called Ski Patrol and is a good place to hang out if other members of your party are doing summit plummet or slush gusher. Grown ups can do the tube slide and body slide in ski patrol, how’re be the “t-bar” slide is limited to those under 5 feet. Hope this helps!

That should read “however the” t-bar…
Weird autocorrect. What is “how’re be”??? Both waterparks are lots of fun!

We did 2 half days at BB and one half day at TL last week as our first times at any Disney WP.

The theme & lush greenery is much nicer at TL.

At BB there were two slides that scared me that I went on: Downhill Double Dipper & the “easier” slide next to Summit Plummet. (I did not go on Summit Plummet).

The “big kid” area at BB called Ski Patrol says “adults must be accompanied by a kid”. I wish I was short enough for the t-bar thing, that looked wicked fun, but my DD5 chickened out.

I did the family slide at BB and my family did it at both and they liked BB better…too much water falling on your head at TL.

We skipped the wave pools due to safety, and I liked that the lazy rivers were only about 2ft deep.

The Storm Slides (body slides) were pretty good at TL and I did Humunga Cowabunga. Nothing scared me at TL, I was just left wanting more intensity.

TL has a special early morning surfing class.

I tried swimming with the sharks but I had a panic attack and had to get out. If I go again I’ll use my own goggles and just bring my head up to breathe. I couldn’t deal with the snorkel.

Whichever WP you go to you have to get the mini donuts!!! (with cinnamon & chocolate sauce) to Die for!!!

Does anyone rent the cabanas? With 6 people going, one over 60yrs old & one barely 4yrs I think the shade and refillable mugs may be worth it?