Water View at SS

Hi! I just booked a 1BR villa at SS as a cash res through Disney and I requested a water view at time of booking. In everyone’s opinion should I also look for specific rooms through the TP room finder and request those too or leave it be? I am renting a car so I don’t need to be near the buses. Thanks for any input!

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If water view is the only request then I’d leave it be. Why go to the trouble of choosing rooms to request with the fax when you don’t even care?

By water view, do you mean a view of the water separating Saratoga Springs from Disney Springs (so really a Disney Springs view), or are you happy to overlook a small, manmade body of water with a fountain in? If it’s the latter I wouldn’t bother, but if you want a Disney Springs view it’s definitely worth requesting. Congress Park is a very popular area.