Water Taxi at Cabana Bay

Hi, I know they used to let guests if Cabana Bay walk over to Sapphire Falls to use the Water Taxi. I just read a post on another site saying they are no longer allowing this. Does anyone know if this is true?

Here’s what I do know. In December, I tried to do the reverse. We took the water taxi from City Walk to Sapphire Falls and were then going to walk over to Cabana Bay. Suffice it to say we got completely turned around and had to go to the lobby and ask for directions to get to Cabana Bay, only to find signs saying that you are not allowed to cross the street there. Instead, they want you to take the way out of the way walking path. We did end up crossing the street, but I think it may be more hassle than it was worth for us. However, if I knew completely what I was doing from the outset, it may have seemed less complicated.

And in answer to your actual question, they don’t check what hotel you’re from, so as long as you’re willing to make the walk, I think you could use the water taxi without a problem.

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Thanks for the info!

I’ve never heard of them checking what hotel you are staying at when you use the water taxi. I’ve used the water taxi’s to go and get gelato from Portifino Bay when staying off-site so that’s not an issue.

I had a similar situation to @rebeecky trying to use the water taxi at Sapphire Falls when staying at Cabana Bay. The first time I did this I took the water taxi from the parks back to Sapphire Falls to then go to Cabana Bay. I could not find my way as it is not clearly marked. You have to enter the hotel, go up to the lobby and then exit through the main doors. Universal wants you to take the pedestrian bridge over the road which is a good 10 - 15 minute walk to go from Sapphire Falls to Cabana Bay. It you can take your chances and cross the street, but know that are many signs telling you that is not allowed.


I’m glad it wasn’t just me! I even turned on my Google Maps, and I was still lost!


We did the same thing (water taxi to Sapphire Bay) and the only reason we got out to the front of Sapphire Bay relatively easily was by following people who knew where they were going. It was late at night (around 11pm) so crossing the street between the hotels with no crosswalk wasn’t too bad, but with more cars on the road I may have balked and headed for the pedestrian bridge.

After that we only used the Cabana Bay shuttle buses – it means a bit more walking through City Walk but I think it’s shorter overall. The boat and Sapphire Bay were very pretty at night though.


Thanks all. Were here now, and based in all of your descriptions we decided just to use the buses. We haven’t had any issues with them.


When I stayed at cabana bay the busses worked really well. The only issue I have with them is the long walk from security to where the parks are located.


Legit having to walk through CityWalk to get to the parks is the poorest layput I have ever encountered. Absolutely ridiculous

Next time stay at RPR, HRH, PBR, or Sapphire Falls and take the water taxi (or walk). I guarantee you will feel differently about arriving at the parks that way, no need to walk through Citywalk. I love getting to the parks at Uni, so much easier than all the transportation needed at WDW.