Water refills at Uni parks

I have read that you can get free water refills at the Freestyle machines. Is this true?

If so, the water in those filtered? FL notorious for bad tasting water. I’ve experienced this at Disney.Hoping for better tasting from those machines.


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You can totally get free water at all the freestyle machines and it is delicious, cold, filtered water


From my experience, it’s great tasting ice water. I’m always surprised that most people don’t utilize the machines for water.

There are at least ten locations in each of the Universal parks. I wish WDW had more access to good water.

We bring collapsible cups that work great for this. Some of the indoor locations offer disposable cups.


Yay! We may end up with bottles too small to put ice in easily. But I would be happy with just good tasting water. DH was super cheap when we were in wdw in August. But the bottle stations were not good. I think I was near heat stroke more than once.

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Ice cold water from the Coke freestyle machines is unironically one of my favorite things about Universal.


Bring a cheap waterbottle or insulated one, I put it in my sling bag for queue lines.


Same!! Such a decent thing to provide cold, potable water to guests!


100% justified!

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