Water Parks with 4YO and 7YO

Hello. We are planning a trip for next June and considering whether we should put in a day or two at one or both of the water parks. Are there height restrictions on a lot of the slides? Our sons will 7 and 4 when we go. Is a water park day more relaxing than a park day? Is it worth getting tickets with the water park option?

Waterparks are utterly exhausting with children under age 10. If you do go I would recommend Blizzard Beach as it has an area for under 11s called ski patrol. However a pool day at your hotel or villa would be my recommendation. At ages 10/7 I found wp more tiring than any theme park day we had. At ages 13/10 it was more relaxed.

Water parks are awesome. They can be relaxing but often aren’t, especially with younger kids. Agree that Blizzard Beach’s Ski Patrol area likely to be most suited to your kids’ ages, but we’ve gone to and thoroughly enjoyed both parks with our kids (now 5&7). You can get a great deal by buying your MYW tickets and adding the “Water parks and more” option, which gives you a waterpark admission (or disneyquest or mini golf) for every day on your park ticket (i.e. a 4-day ticket gives you 4 days of park admissions PLUS 4 admissions to waterparks/etc). Slide height restrictions will be on the web sites. In June i would likely plan 3-4 park days and two split days (waterpark starting from opening at 9 or 10 am until 1-2 pm, then rest in room and park in the evening).

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I took my 4YO and 7YO to BB last summer and they loved it. We are headed back in a few weeks and they are as excited about that as the theme parks. There are a few rides that the 4YO wasn’t able to do (Slush Gusher, Summit Plummet, Downhill Double Dipper- I believe are 48’’) but there is still tons to do. Teamboat Springs and Runaway Rapids were her favorites. The day can be as relaxing as you want it to be. BB isn’t huge like the theme parks so the walking isn’t as much, but there are quite a few steps for some of the slides. As mentioned above, the ski patrol area was fun for both kids. The water park fun and more option is a no brainer in my opinion. Like anything at Disney, you can do so much more if you are there for RD.


Ooo! I like the split day idea! Thanks.

We just left WDW today and we were there 5 nights. We bought waterparks fun and more option and it was one of the best decisions that I made for this trip. My kids, 8 and 4.5 loved every part of the water park. My youngest is 42 inches tall. We did three mornings of waterparks about 2-3 hours each visit and we got there at rope drop. My kids would be so tired after that couple hours then we would head back to hotel for a nap and then went to a theme park when they woke up around 2-3pm. We also went to Disney Quest (included in the package for now) one evening. My kids love video games so they had fun there.

I feel time spent at the waterpark was more relaxing than at the theme park where I had to watch my schedule for FP+ dinner reservations, show schedules etc.