Water Parks to remain closed until 2021

WDW will be issuing partial refund to APs for that portion of the ticket from July 11, 2020 thru March 6, 2021

It’s “assumed” that the new plan to reopen BB & TL will be after 3/7/21

Statement from WDW: (scroll down to “water park” section)



Disappointing. It seems like it would have been an easy way to get people back in the parks during the warmer months. I wonder if it costs more to operate than they make from tickets. Maybe guests are mostly APs and resort guests with tickets that include water park access.

I wonder how this plays out for convention Tix.
They often come with “water park fun” bundled in
I have some of those, so I guess maybe I ought call tomorrow and see what they say.

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Interesting. Perhaps they want to just push people to the parks for now.

IMHO - it’s hard to social distance at water parks & you can’t wear a mask. I’m betting this is a “wait & see” what Spring is like move.