Water Parks masks and reservation policy

Just saw this:

Masks will be required, park reservations won’t be required.

Also scroll down on this page for the details:



So basically they are offering water boarding with ever paid admission. Mask and water don’t mix.


“Face coverings will be required in designated areas for each Guest age 2 and up, including but not limited to the park entrance and exit, retail areas, and food and beverage ordering areas. Face coverings will not be permitted while experiencing water slides or in the water.”


It’s just like the pools policy. Walking to and from a water ride won’t need a mask but heading to the restrooms, queueing for food and so on will need one.

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Since this will be the first re-opening of a Disney waterpark, no one has first hand experience. But, at Universal’s water park, you needed your mask when carrying your stuff (entering or leaving the park) and when ordering food. Otherwise the masks stayed with your towels. If you weren’t going to eat or entering or leaving, you were going to a water ride.

We did have a bad experience with a water ride in the dry park. They don’t let you take off your mask until you are in the ride vehicle. At which point there is no where to put it to keep it dry. (unless you were prepared and had a plastic bag) The mask was drenched. Fortunately we were leaving as we always do water rides last.

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I used those clear waterproof cellphone cases that hang around over your neck as my purse in theme parks. I was able to cram a mask into this for water rides.

Do the waterparks let you ride with something around your neck?
I can see that being handy for water rides at dry parks.

I don’t think I’ve tried. At water parks I usually leave it in the locker at the cabana for slides but I will take it with me for lazy rivers and such so I can take photos