Water Parks in December / January

Hi all

We are off to Universal ad Disney for 2 weeks from 27th December. Its our first ever trip to Disney/Universal and we have tried to plan as much as possible due to how busy it will be.

The weather seems to be around the 70’s most days, but have come across a few posts saying that it will be really cold and that we may not be able to swim. I know we cant predict the future, but do you think there will still be a good chance that we can use Volcano bay on the 28th Dec and Typhoon Lagoon 1st Jan?

Thanks Kelly x

I’ve never been to VB however TL was dd9’s favorite park from our trip in November. Be careful in the wavepool. We are from New England and have experience with the ocean, but if you don’t you could probably get seriously hurt. It was DS’s favorite thing about TL though. I hope you get to enjoy at least one water park day!

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That’s great thanks so much for the tips x

I am here now and while yesterday and Thursday might not have been ideal for a waterpark, today certainly would be. It is 79 degrees and plenty hot. I would just be flexible on which day you go as the temperature changes from day to day.


Winter weather at WDW is almost impossible to predict; you could see 40s or 80s - or maybe both within the same week. You really can’t do much until you’re in a 10 day weather window - but even that can be off until the day of.

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If it says rain/thunderstorms, how long do they usually last in winter? Is it like the summer ones—pop up, and done in minutes?

Today it rained 3 hours straight in Animal Kingdom.

Wow, I didn’t realize that it would rain so much in December. For some reason, I thought it was a dry month for Florida.

It’s not specifically a “wet” month, but weather systems can come through at any time of the year, much like anywhere. You typically don’t have the daily afternoon thunderstorms. I live in NW FL and we can go several weeks with no rain, and then have a rainy system come through for a couple of days. We’re right at the end of one of those right now. My last trip was in late November and it poured one day, but was sunny the whole rest of our trip…