Water Parks and more option

I have a Parkhopper with Water Parks and more option. I also have 8 days of park tickets for a 12 day stay. If I go to a water park but do not go to a theme park that day, will the water park still count as a theme park day used?

You have 8 theme park entrances and eight “more”. Tickets need to be used within 14 days of first use but you can use a “more” and park ticket in the same day. I believe they announced at one point you can also use two “more” entrances on the same day.

Really I am not too worried we won’t have enough tickets. I, my wife, and my grandson have 8 park ticket with park hopper plus water parks and more. We are at Disney World for 12 nights and 13 days. Of coarse the day of arrival will be pretty much used up for flight and such. No park that day. Then the day we leave we won’t be going into the parks as well, so that leaves 11 days for parks or water park or both. I also have a day which can be used for water park, golf, etc. as I book a package via MVT and that’s what it contains. If I can use the waterpark and more days without using the park days then I have way more than enough to go around. If a water park day is also considered a park day then I will be a little short if we go to the water parks every day which I doubt we will do. Either way we are at the Poly so we have all types of pools. Thanks

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To confirm then, you can use a water park + option without it affecting your park days at all. Park days will only be used if you enter one of MK, Epcot, DHS or AK.