Water park rides for neck/back issues


I found posts about the theme park rides to avoid with neck/ back issues, but nothing about the water parks. Still in physical therapy from a car accident 16 months ago and for those that can understand…I can dress myself and use the bathroom by myself now and would like to keep it that way for our whole trip. I see on the maps that they indicate "physical consideration on some rides. We will be going to both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard beach. Any rides that you would consider too much for a person who hopes to be able to enjoy fairly exciting water park rides and knows to only do Melt-Away Bay, Cross Country Creek, Surf Pool and Cast away creek. Any other rides that you may consider doable?


I don’t really remember clearly any of the slides at either TL or BB except for summit plummit at BB that would likely not be a good idea in your situation. Also, be wary of the wave pool at TL. There are (or used to be) photopass photographs who take pictures of guest with their backs to the waves and snap a shot just as the wave hits you. Makes great pictures but the wave is surprisingly strong and all 3 of us got swept off our feet and rolled on the bottom of the pool which was significantly rough and scratched us enough to bleed a bit…


I will be honest - I wouldn’t do any of them.
I have had multiple surgeries for neck issues and I wouldn’t do anything but the floating rivers 2 yrs after my last surgery.


I kind of feel the same way. Other than perhaps a lazy river, I feel most water slide type rides involve far more direct body control. You might be fine, but it seems like a gamble with something as important as a spine!


Sigh…I guess I am forced to lie around in a leisurely manner on a raft. Oh well. Thanks for the common sense.


But it’s a very relaxing thing to do. :slight_smile:


Yes, it is! I was just hoping that at least some other ride or activity would be “safe”, but in my heart I knew better to be cautious and not re-injure or hurt myself.


Once your doctor is okay with it, swimming laps is actually a really good way to strengthen the back muscles that support your spine to help minimize risk of further injury. But I wouldn’t do, for example, a wave pool. It tosses you about just too much.

You might choose to just skip the water parks in general to avoid the whole issue. Trust me, the kids (?) will have plenty to do even if you skip the water parks. (I’m assuming kids are involved.)


The doctor told me that I could ride the roller coasters and when I asked if he loved Disney, he said that he has never been so I do not trust his opinion. It is a Graduation party so I could skip it, but we have never been to the water parks in over 15+ visits. I will definitely look into swimming as a way to get in shape for Disney. Thank You!! I should add that we are not going for another 221 days, so I am gearing up since on our last time, last year, I could not do much.