Water Park opinions needed

Do you think it is necessary to book an Umbrella at the Water Parks?. We will be there late Sept early Oct.

Also, I am wondering if this is an all day visit, or if others consider it a half day visit? I guess that depends on what individual family activity levels are like. We are a family on 4 with 2 teens 15 & 17. I am attempting to use this day as partly a relaxation day, as it will be on about day 3 of our travel plans after arriving from Australia… so probably due for a fairly quiet day at this point.

Water Park opens at 10am… what time do we need to be there for it to be considered an advantage to get some shaded seating (if we don’t book an umbrella).

If you are going to tyfoon - I would say an umbrella is not necessary. I would get there early enough to get a good spot (personally I have enjoyed more out of the way areas - not near the wave pool. Is it a full day or 1/2 - all depends on how much your family enjoys something like that. The parks close early - so it isnt a full full day - but 10 - 4 would be my limit

We went to blizzard beach and it was nice having the umbrella :slight_smile: We had a little island in the middle that we got to sit in :slight_smile: It was nice not having to worry about all our stuff because it was in a little area that most people couldn’t get too! Most our valuable stuff was in a locker, but it made it nice and easy access. My kids could have spent longer time here! I think we ended up with 3 or 4 hours but there was a lot that we didn’t go on. My kids were younger and we were there late Oct, early Nov.